Why Is Wedding Decoration Hire Right For You?

//Why Is Wedding Decoration Hire Right For You?

Why Is Wedding Decoration Hire Right For You?

Wedding Decoration Hire Can Be Beneficial To You.

Being a company that specialises in wedding decoration hire, we often spot questions on wedding websites and social media where brides are querying how much chair cover hire or table centrepieces cost. The amount of questions that are asked makes it quite clear to us that there is a lot of confusion amongst brides and grooms about what things cost and what services are provided as part of wedding venue styling services when it comes to wedding events. Obviously, if you are on a budget you may want to diy, but there are advantages of getting a professional to plan events for you. Having planned wedding and parties for many years, we are more than aware of how much it costs to plan your wedding day, and can show you lots of ways that you can save both time and money.

What Do Venue Stylists Do?

I guess the most common question that people ask is – what does a wedding venue dresser do? Well, what we do is run around making sure that we decorate your chosen wedding venue in a way that looks amazing while you sit back and relax knowing that everything is all in hand. We take away any stress about wedding decoration and table settings on your big day because knowing that you have professionals to help with every aspect of the decorations you have hired will take a large weight off your shoulders. So, in what ways can a wedding venue stylist help? Well, once you have made initial contact with us we will invite you in for a consultation so that we can spend some time getting to know you, what you like and dislike, and what expectations you have for your special day. We can then chat through any ideas you have, set a firm budget, talk about potential designs, answer any questions you may have, make some suggestions and generally offer you lots of expert help and advice. This is a great way for us to gather all the information we need to get a really good understanding of what you want your wedding or event to be like, and what look and feel you are aiming for.

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Once you have finalised your booking with us, then the real work starts! We will stay in touch with you in the months leading up to your wedding, making sure you are happy with everything and know everything that is happening. In the days leading up to your wedding we will be hard at work prepping your table linen, sashes and swags, table centrepieces and so on. Once the big day arrives, the Venue Stylist team will arrive at the wedding venue in plenty of time in order to start the job of styling your venue.  We check everything many times during the day to make sure it is all looking perfect for your arrival. Once your wedding is over, we will then contact you to ensure that you were happy with everything as giving excellent customer service is very important to us.

Wedding Decoration Hire Can Save You Time

So, what are the advantages of wedding decoration hire for you? Well, the main benefit is that you are not just hiring the decorations and then setting them up yourself, you are also hiring someone to do the hard work and make everything look perfect for you. And this covers not only the hard work on the day, but also the planning, communication and scheduling in the run up to your big event as well.  It can be quite easy to forget about the time involved when you are pricing up decoration hire for your wedding which can sometimes make it seem more expensive than it really is. We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to making sure your venue looks just the way to want you too – so it is important to remember that it is not just the hire of the products you are paying for, but our skills, experience and service as well.

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We know from experience that there are many companies out there offering chair cover hire at prices as low as £1 per chair – and this can seem very appealing. However, we also know that these prices often seem better than they actually are, as they don’t cover the cost of materials never mind the travel costs and setting up time involved. This generally means that something has to give – so either the quality or the service will be compromised. Having done some research of our own, we can say that if you opt for cheap chair cover hire, you will probably get dirty, ripped chair covers with stained sashes – and who wants that on their big day? This will never happen with our service, as we check all our chair covers ourselves before they go out, to ensure they immaculate and that the sashes are ironed to perfection.

We know that everyone loves a bargain, but when it comes to your wedding it is important to remember that you get what you pay for! Don’t compromise on service and good quality goods in order to save money as you will regret it if things go wrong. Put your trust in the services of The Venue Stylist and you won’t regret it.

Wedding Decoration Hire Can Save You Money As Well

Something else that people tend not to think about when considering wedding decoration hire is that we can actually save you money as well as time. Think about it this way  – to buy chair covers, sashes and table centrepieces yourself can cost you a small fortune and then you are stuck with the hassle of selling it on afterwards. We have many different wedding decorations in stock that we have purchased ourselves, and so you get to use them for the day at a fraction of what they would cost to buy. We only ever buy high quality items as well, as not only do they look better and fit better,  but they also wash better and therefore tend to last longer. We also take away the hassle of you having to clean the items and store them or sell them on afterwards. Once your wedding is over you don’t have to think about your wedding decorations again – we take care of everything for you.

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So, to sum up, hiring the expertise of The Venue Stylist will not only save you time but money as well as our years of experience planning and styling events and weddings. We keep on top of what the current trends are and can therefore give you the best advice on the themes, colours, lighting  and flowers that may best be suited to your venue and that are within your budget – and that will wow your guests.

If you need any help with wedding venue decoration or decoration hire then please get in touch with us today by calling the office on 0800 830 3000  or our mobile 07580 333 000. You can also send us an email to hello@thevenuestylist.com

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