Chair Cover Hire Manchester Tips For A Unique Wedding Day

//Chair Cover Hire Manchester Tips For A Unique Wedding Day

Chair Cover Hire Manchester Tips For A Unique Wedding Day

Why Is It Important To Think About The Five Senses When Planning Your Wedding?

Your big day is finally here – it is the moment that you have been dreaming about forever and the planning of this day has probably  taken up every spare waking minute. You and your partner have saved hard for this day and planned it down to the last detail – the dress, the cake, the decorations, the guest list, the seating plan….we could go on. As experienced venue stylists we know that it is common amongst brides that they find themselves in a bit of a panic before the big day, wondering if they have made the right decisions as to who is seated next to who, what music is being played and what the venue looks like. It is every bride’s worst nightmare to have their guests sat in a large room where there is no ambience or atmosphere. Part of our service is to take away as much of the stress of the wedding decoration hire that we can, and we as we have years of experience of planning events.  Here is our guide to how to make sure your wedding day goes with a swing, think about the five senses in order to bring some structure to your planning.


Your guests first impression of your wedding is the visual impact they get when they walk into your venue, and this will set the tone for the day. First things first, choose the best venue that you can for your budget, but don’t over extend yourself as even the most basic of venue can be dressed to be both opulent and beautiful. Any venue, be it a marquee, the local community centre or a hotel can be made to feel really grand with the addition of some beautiful fresh flowers, twinkling fairy lights, gorgeous table decorations, and stunning chair covers to really liven up the chairs.

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Talking about chair covers these are a really important part of your wedding venue decoration, and it is critical that all of your linen blends together. For example, if you have ivory tablecloths and napkins as part of your table settings, then don’t go for white wedding chair covers as the white will make the ivory look dirty. If your venue is providing the tablecloths and napkins, try and get a sample of them so that you can use this to ensure you have a consistent colour theme and won’t have any big surprises on your special day.

As a company who offer chair cover hire in Manchester we know it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you have to have just one colour of chair sashes for each chair  – you could be a bit more adventurous and have different colours on each table, or even a wider palette of colours across the whole room. You could also try two different coloured sashes per chair for an eye-catching look, or even adding such as flowers to your sash as well.


An event or wedding is not an event without background music, as there is nothing worse for your guests than sitting in a venue that sounds like a large dining hall with people talking. Having some background music playing will not only soften the mood but will lift the spirits as people will become more animated. It also means that when everyone is busy eating the music will come to the forefront and keep the atmosphere lively.

When it comes to music for your event, choosing the right music is key – after all you still want people to be able to hear themselves over the music so you don’t want anything that is too loud or upbeat – on the other hand you don’t want to send people to sleep so something in the middle would be ideal. Don’t just pick music that is personal to you because you like it, make sure you pick songs that will help people to feel relaxed and at ease and helps them to enjoy your special day.


Flavour is a very personal thing – what one person thinks is amazing could be the next person’s worst nightmare. Humans have five basic tastes – bitter, salty, sour, sweet and umami and these all depend on odour, texture and temperature. Therefore, when you are considering your catering options you should take into consideration how you want your guests to feel, for example, keeping your flavours clean and simple will give a more elegant feel.

Your caterer or wedding venue will be able to give you some suggestions as to what some unique but tasty menu choices might be. It is important to remember that when you are catering for large numbers of guests there are certain dishes that will be more successful than others – and your caterer will be able to advise you of this. If you keep in mind that fresh, local ingredients are best then you should make a good decision.


This is an unusual one to discuss for a wedding, but smell is a chemical sense. Each of us has hundreds of olfactory receptors which can bind to a particular molecular feature. What this means is that these receptors can send a message to the brain, which then decides what we perceive as the smell of the molecules. The last thing you want then, is your guests to walk into your venue and be put off by the smell.

You only have to walk around for five minutes to discover that there are thousands of different scents that you can detect – and not all of them are pleasant. You want the scent of your wedding day to reflect the tone and ambiance of your big day, so think about your theme and then take a look around things that are naturally around the venue and try and choose items that enhance what is already there. For example, if you are having a rural wedding in a marquee you could incorporate herbs such as rosemary and mint into your floral decorations.


Our skin is the largest organ in our body and the nerve endings in the skin send information to the brain whenever we touch anything. We tend to feel four sensations whenever we touch anything – cold, contact, heat and pain. Therefore, temperature on your big day is important for this sense  – you don’t want the venue to be too hot or too cold. Think about natural ventilation, such as whether there are any windows you can open or close, and also whether you need any air conditioning units if you are getting married in the summer. If you do hire air conditioning units, then think carefully about where they are situated as the last thing you want is your guests complaining that they are sat in the path of a unit that is blasting out cold air!

The fabrics that you use to decorate your venue are also important, and natural fibres such as cotton and velvet will beat man made fibres every day. The chair covers, table coverings and curtains used to decorate the venue will all impact on how your guests feel and whether they are able to relax or not.

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This is a brief round-up of what to keep in mind when considering the five senses when planning for your wedding, and if you have any questions about anything we have mentioned here or want to know more about our wedding styling service  then please give us a call on 0800 830 300 (office) or 07580 333 000 (mobile) or you can send us an email to if you prefer.



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