Why Is Event Decoration So Important for Corporate Events?

//Why Is Event Decoration So Important for Corporate Events?

Why Is Event Decoration So Important for Corporate Events?


When you think about event decoration, the first thing that comes to mind is probably wedding decoration, but corporate event decoration is a growing area of business for us. Whether you are pulling together a large trade show for potential clients or an awards ceremony for employees – first impressions count. What your potential customer or employee experiences when they first walk into your event, whether it be the flowers, the lighting or even the table setting – all of this will make a big impression on them and give them some indication of what is to come. For example, a large formal table holding an elaborate floral centrepiece will offer a sense of solemnity and potentially even intimacy. A more simplistic modern setting, on the other hand, is more likely to promote networking and enhance conversations. Some of the things you should think about when considering event decoration for you next corporate event are:

What’s At Floor Level?

If you are planning a large event, in a convention centre, for example, it can be such a large unfamiliar space that can make people feel overwhelmed or disorientated. An easy way to combat this is to use carpet tiles or some kind of flooring to lead guests to the most suitable path, and help them find their way. This can be expensive though, so you could also look at using things like lanterns or floor standing candelabras as an alternative. To take this idea further, you can then give your delegates a hint of what is to come by including subtle hints of what will be where in the collateral you send them before the event.


Special Spaces

Traditional room settings such as theatre style or classroom style will never go out of fashion, but more casual spaces which are more informal yet still support learning. Breakout sessions are becoming more and more popular as people like to be hands on and have more interactive sessions these days. For these types of events, the room layout and seating should be comfortable, loose and versatile in order to loosen people up in a way that invites them to participate. Dimmed lighting and starlit backdrops are a great way to ensure you are providing an inviting atmosphere.


Table Design

At any event, the meal tends to be the one thing that everyone looks forward to, and sitting down to a meal is a significant moment where event decoration can really make an impact. We are seeing more and more sleek and simple table designs, with just a splash of colour based on the event colour and theme. Many corporate events often have promotional materials that need to be incorporated into the decor and these can also be added to table settings as well.



The majority of events these days are geared towards networking, and event decoration and design choices can help to encourage people to connect by giving a more inviting and friendly feel to a space. If you are planning an interactive session which you want people to be engaged in, then you need as much natural light as possible whereas for encouraging one-to-one connections you should opt for dimmer lighting for a more intimate feel.


From lighting to flowers, event decoration gives your delegates a taste of what to expect before your event has event started. There are many ways to decorate a space that can help delegates to navigate a space, feel more comfortable in a space, and help them feel involved and more engaged in the sessions they are attending.

To enhance the delegate experience at your next corporate event, please give us a call on 0800 830 3000 (tel), 07580 333 000 (mobile) or by email to hello@thevenuestylist.com.

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