Event Planning Checklist

//Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist

At The Venue Stylist, we get asked for help with event dressing on a daily basis, after all, it is what we do!  Our goal is to make your life easier, and so this is why we have pulled together this article to share the tips and tricks we have picked up over our years of providing an event dressing service.  Our aim is to help make you an efficient event planner, and this checklist will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.


What is the purpose of your event? Why are you having it and why are people going to want to attend. Think big – this stage is the stage where anything is possible. Not all of your ideas will make it through to the actual day, but in an ideal world what would your event look like? Do a bit of research and see what other people have done for successful events so that you can learn from them. Also, think about who you want to attend your event so that you can identify the ideal person, and cater the event towards them.


Don’t just have one set date in mind, come up with at least three possible event dates and times, in case things don’t pan out exactly the way you would like. Don’t be afraid to survey your target audience in order to find the best date and time for them.  An important thing to keep in mind all the way through planning is budget – time is money after all. Make sure there are no other significant event on the same day, that will clash with yours and keep an eye on the weather if you are planning an outdoor event.

Develop Your Concept

The theme is one of the most important things about your event you need to get right. Where do you want to take your attendees and how do you want them to feel? How can you use the five senses to achieve this?  Why not use Pinterest to create a mood board for your event, so that you have something that everyone involved can see and work towards.

Know Your Budget

When it comes to event planning, you should have two budgets, an actual one and an estimated one. The more you can narrow down your cost, the better you can plan during the process. Keep a running total of what you are spending and what you have made, and also an estimated breakdown of the same.  If you are running an event for a business, then keep a list of all of the ways that you plan to have money coming in, e.g. ticket sales, merchandise sales and so on. Always, always, always have an emergency fund as it is likely that something unexpected will crop up at the end, and so you need to have in your budget.


Whatever event you are planning, you will need to have some kind of entertainment whether it is a DJ, live band or speaker. Make sure you speak to your venue to see if they need any permits to perform. Make sure you have an agreement in place with your entertainment provider which will prevent no-shows and unexpected costs.

Balloon Wall Manchester Modern balloon wedding Backdrops in Cheshire Candleit aisle


If you are having a sit-down dinner at your event, then you need to think about the following decoration for your dinner tables:

  • Centrepieces
  • Table Runners
  • Place Mats
  • Silverware
  • Water Glass
  • Candles
  • Table Numbers
  • Chargers
  • Dinner Plates
  • Napkins
  • Chair Covers

For the room, in general, you will need to consider:

  • Lighting
  • Food Displays
  • Lounge seating and side tables
  • Cake stand
  • Overhead Decor
  • Flowers

For more information about our specialist event planning services, please call us on 0800 830 3000 (t) or 07580 333 000 (m), or you can email us at hello@venuestylist.com

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