The Venue Stylist Guide to Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

//The Venue Stylist Guide to Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

The Venue Stylist Guide to Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to wedding planning, brides can often feel a little overwhelmed. If our years of experience in the wedding decoration hire business has taught us anything, it has taught us that one of the most important things to get right on the day is logistics. What does this mean? Well, if the day doesn’t flow well it can have a negative impact on the overall feel of the day. Don’t worry though; it will be easy for you to get the flow right if you just follow our advice below.

Firstly, a wedding day can be broken up into three sections: The Ceremony, The Pre-dinner Reception, and the Dinner and After-party. In this article, we will focus on the ceremony:

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When you have decided where you are going to hold your wedding ceremony, make sure you walk through each section and get a rough idea of timings. Check out whether there is parking nearby, and if there is parking you have a plan to let the guests know. You may also want to consider placing a couple of ushers nearby to help guests to find their way to the entrance.


When setting up for the ceremony, make sure you have an usher reserve some seats at the front for your wedding party, the readers and anyone else you want. This makes sure that all the important people are sat where they need to be and saves other guests the embarrassment of sitting in the wrong place.

Wedding Party

Another thing to think about when it comes to the ceremony is the order in which everyone will walk down the aisle. Traditionally, the bride goes first, but nowadays many couples have adopted the American tradition of the bridesmaids going first. It’s entirely up to you, but make sure everyone knows when to walk and where to sit before the big day.


The theme you chose for your wedding will dictate your wedding decoration, and we have a wide choice of decorations to hire to really dress your space up. From Aisle Runners to Lanterns, Bay Trees and Candelabras, we can help you to dress your room in whatever way you like.


This may sound like a ridiculous thing to think about, but it is quite a serious item! A lot of churches and wedding venues will have a confetti policy, as they don’t want it inside. You will need to check with your chosen ceremony venue as to whether you are allowed it at all, or whether you can only have it outside. The best way to control it is to have an usher who is responsible for arranging your guests at the chosen location and then handing the confetti out.

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