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A Guide to Hosting a Fabulous Baby Shower

Although a lot of our business is based on wedding decoration hire in Manchester, we have seen a lot more requests for baby shower decoration recently.  This comes as no surprise when a recent survey found that two-thirds of mums-to-be in the UK have organised a baby shower as they found them a great way to get tips and advice as they can easily pick the brains of those who already have children. Baby showers are also a great excuse to spend an afternoon with friends eating cake and chilling out! But what do you need to think about when it comes to planning a fun baby shower?

Date and Time

The most important thing to do first consult with the mum-to-be about the best date and time for her party. Traditionally, baby showers tend to be held when the guest of honour is in her 7th month of pregnancy – when she is well into her pregnancy but still comfortable. It also gives her and her partner time to sort their gifts out afterwards and see what they still need to shop for. You should also decide if the mum to be is hosting it alone or if she needs a co-host to help her with the planning and decoration.

Venue Choice

Once you have selected the date and time of the baby shower, you need to get a guest list from the mum-to-be (with contact details as well). For a small list, you can have a great shower in your living room or garden, whereas a larger list will mean you should think about hiring a room in a hotel or a restaurant. Another important question to ask is who is paying for it? It may be that you decide on a surprise shower for a good friend and everyone who attends wants to contribute something.


Make sure you send out invitations to all the guests at least six weeks before the date -similar to a wedding. This way they can make sure they are free on the date can send you an RSVP back, so you have numbers, and also shop for a gift.  For an informal shower, you can get away with an email invitation, for a more formal event you may want to order paper invites.

Plan the Decor

A lot of people now are theming their events. You can go with a traditional baby theme of course, or how about going for a garden theme? Our flower wall and balloon/flower arch are really popular choices at the moment and are a simple way to add a touch of glamour to the day.

Balloon Arch with Flowers for Christening baby shower Manchester birthday party balloon arch cheshire pinterest balloon ideas

Plan the Menu

It is a good idea to have snacks available for guests, and finger food always goes down well. You could go for comfort food to suit the expectant mum’s cravings – such as mini burgers, potato salad and cupcakes. Or keep with the garden theme and have a picnic of sandwiches, crisps and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Don’t Forget Favours

Favours aren’t just for weddings, a parting gift from the baby shower is an excellent way to thank guests for attending, and it doesn’t have to be over the top.  You could hire one of our sweet carts, for example, and not only will this add to the decoration of the event, but guests can go home with their own specially selected bag of goodies.

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