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An Event Decoration Companies Tips for Organising the Perfect Christmas Party

If you have been given the job of organising the company Christmas party this year, don’t panic, we are here to help. As an event decoration company with many years of experience, we can help you provide a party that your colleagues will enjoy and remember for a long time. It is never too early to think about Christmas, well not in the event dressing world anyway, and the sooner you start to plan your Christmas event the smoother it will run.

Here are some of our top tips for planning the perfect Christmas party:

  1. Set the Date

You will know from experience that Christmas is a busy time of year for people socially and so their diaries will start to fill up quickly. So, the earlier you can get a date booked in for your Christmas do, the better.   You are never going to please everyone, so just go with when the majority are free and remember that Thursdays and Fridays tend to be popular.

  1. Stick to the Budget

The size of your budget will tend to dictate what type of Christmas party you organise as it will determine your venue, choice of entertainment and food and drink choices as well. Find out what your budget is as early in the process as possible so that you don’t plan something that you can’t afford. Also, try and leave some money in the budget as an emergency fund as unexpected costs can crop up during the event planning process.

  1. Find a Venue

Good venues tend to get booked up quickly, so the earlier you can source and book a venue the better. Make sure the venue you choose is easily accessible for guests and has availability on your date. Go for a site visit and take some photos as this will help with event decoration planning, and also utilise the knowledge of the existing events team at the venue as they will have a good knowledge of the space. Make sure you clarify exactly what items are included in the hire price, and what event decoration items you will need to hire yourself.

  1. Pick a Theme

The theme you choose can make or break your event – so no pressure there! Some ideas that work well at Christmas are traditional Christmas, Vintage Christmas, pantomime, winter wonderland, and Santa’s workshop. Then start to list anything you would associate with this theme, such as lighting, table centrepieces, food and so on. You can always give us a call if you are stuck for ideas, we will be happy to help with inspiration and quotes.

  1. Think Outside the Box

Sometimes just the little things can make a huge difference in making your event as enjoyable as possible. Touches such as putting fresh flowers and good quality soap in the toilets, having a cloakroom for guests to leave their coats, and hiring a photographer to capture people looking their best as they arrive.

For more information on event planning and our event decoration hire services, please telephone us on 0800 830 300 or send an email detailing your requirements to hello@thevenuestylist.com