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Event Decoration: Top Tips

When it comes to event decoration, we know what we are doing, but we appreciate it can be quite a daunting task for most people. With the advent of the internet, it is so easy to find amazing images of event decor online and think ‘oh my goodness I would love my event to look like that’, but when it actually comes down to it can be hard to recreate.

Don’t panic though, as we are here to help. We have years of experience in wedding and event decoration and have styled many different venues over the years.  To aid you in your next event we have pulled together some top tips to help you achieve the event that you want:

  • Existing Decor – Hopefully the room you are using for your event is decorated in a style that you like, and something that goes with the theme you are hoping to use. Take a good look at everything in the room and work out exactly what works for you and what you might want the venue to remove (within reason).
  • Existing Images – Have a search on the internet or ask the venue themselves, for pictures of the room you have hired dressed for various events. These can help guide you in what you might do for your event based on your likes and dislikes. For example, these pictures might show that low floral arrangements are lost in the room as the ceilings are so high.
  • Tableware – what does the venue provide? and does the tableware the venue provide work with your theme or not? For example, a lot of venues will have tablecloths that you can use, but they tend not to be floor length which isn’t ideal as exposed table legs can detract from the fabulous decorations going on on top. Of course, if you are lucky enough to be provided with floor-length tablecloths by your venue but aren’t sure of the colour, you can also dress them up by hiring runners and other table linens from us.
  • Lighting – Always an important one to consider, and something that is easily overlooked. Think about the time of day your event is taking place, as an event at 4 pm in the summer will be bright and light naturally, whereas in the winter it won’t. Lighting may also affect your colour choices as well, as pale colours may be lost in a dimly lit area and so you may need to change your colour palette to a brighter one instead.
  • Think Outside the Box – Table decorations are getting more and more adventurous, and we have worked with lots of gorgeous ideas recently including birdcages filled with flowers, glass cloches filled with flowers, and even piles of books. Don’t be afraid to really go all out on your theme, we have a wide range of decorations to hire which can really make your venue come to life.
  • Pre-plan – If possible, ask your venue if you can have a pre-event meeting where you can take a look at the linens and the place settings and make sure that they look exactly as you want. If you can get your florist to attend this will be great as well, as they can then get an idea of the venue and the other elements in the room and craft your arrangements accordingly.

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