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How to Plan a Themed Event

Some Unique Event Dressing Ideas For Your next Party.

Theme parties are a lot of fun, and can be perfect for many of life’s most important events! Anniversary celebrations, birthday celebrations and even holiday celebrations are the perfect occasions to break out those kitsch decorations that you aren’t brave enough to get out for the rest of the year.

As experienced event dressers, we know that the key to any party is planning – whether it is themed or not. The theme of the party should be clear right from the start – and so the party invitations are the key to this. Your theme should then extend through to the decoration, food and any favours you might want to give. You want your guests to be in no doubt as to what your theme is, and feel themselves transported there.

When thinking of themed decorations, try not to be too literal about it but instead why not try and evoke an emotion or a place? Use chair covers, table decorations, lighting and seating elements that coordinate with your chosen theme. If you are thinking of hosting the event at home, why not swop out your existing decorative accessories to curtains and cushions made from fabric that suits your theme, and replace family photos with stock images. Keep in mind the five senses – sight, touch, taste, smell and sound – and how you can influence them with every element of your theme. Colour is very important here!

Food is something that should feature highly in your plans as well. You may have killed it with your invitation or place settings, but then totally ruin the night by serving food that doesn’t match your theme. You can easily search online for easy and fun recipes that fit your theme – Pinterest is jam-packed with them. Even offering party staples such as chicken nuggets served with a themed dip can be a way to keep the feeling alive! How you serve the food is important as well – for example, if you are planning a Chinese New Year party why not serve sweet and sour pork in Chinese takeout containers.

Some cool themed party ideas we have come across recently include:

  • Arabian Nights – think Morocco and drink traditional Moroccan mint tea cocktails, drape the room with exotic fabrics and hang Casbah lanterns. You could even go the whole hog and hire some belly dancers.
  • A Night at El Morocco – not to be confused with the Arabian Nights theme, El Morocco was THE club to hang out at in New York in the 1930s. Play big band or jazz music, offer your guests retro cocktails to drink and add plenty of zebra print accents.
  • Slumber Party – Who says sleepovers are just for kids? Tell all your guests to wear their PJ’s, and you can all laze around on beanbags and large floor cushions, sipping champagne and eating popcorn while watching the latest chick flick.
  • Vodka Tasting Party – There are loads of different flavoured vodkas available at the moment, so why not have a chilled vodka tasting night? Glam things up a bit by serving olives and caviar to help guests cleanse their palette.
  • Mad Scientist Night – give all your guests lab coats to wear, decorate with weird decorations and offer laboratory themed food.

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