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Choosing The Right Chair for your Wedding

Chair Cover Hire in Manchester Can Ensure Your Wedding Looks Amazing

One of the most important decisions you will make about your wedding day is choosing the right wedding venue, but quite often you will find that the chairs and tables they provide don’t quite fit in with your chosen theme. It is becoming more and more popular these days for couples to rent chairs and tables for either their ceremony or reception or both! This can be quite an overwhelming process, though as there are so many options out there. In this article, we will explore ten particular types of chair to help you to narrow it out:

Art Deco

Chairs that fall under the Art Deco category tend to have a streamlined design that fits into the celebration of the machine age of this period. Art Deco style chairs tend to be a lot sleeker than their more contemporary cousins.


There are lots of contemporary dining chair designs out there, and it is hard to describe them as modern design is artistic, variable and unreliable. A wide range of materials are used, and chairs may feature a pedestal design instead of legs. One example of this is the Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost Chair, which is based on the shape of a Louis XV armchair, but the chair itself is completely transparent, made with injection-molded polycarbonate. This modern completely transparent chair is the perfect choice if you are looking for a sophisticated look at both your ceremony and reception.

Classic Modern

Classic Modern is a term that has been adopted to describe mid-century styles which tend to feature streamlined designs in materials such as fibreglass, metal or plastic. Eames chairs are a good example of a classic modern style.


These are solid wooden chairs in a classic American style such as Mission and Arts & Crafts – perfect for rustic style weddings. This style of chair is popular as they are durable and simple, and tend to go with a lot of different schemes.

French Cafe Chairs

This is a loose term used to cover a wide range of cafe style chairs from the classic Thonet style to more common folding styles. Folding Cafe Chairs are the most versatile chair option if you are on a budget and want your guests to use the same chairs at the ceremony and reception. Usually, this type of chair is available in shades of wood or white and sometimes comes with padded seating. It is a clean and simple option for any wedding.

Space Age Chairs

These tend to be chairs that are made from plastic or other materials that are commonly thought of to be ‘futuristic’. They tend to be in smooth, sleek designs in bright colours.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to renting hundreds of chairs for your wedding, then why not consider chair cover hire in Manchester? Wedding chair covers can really bring a room to life offering you a simple and elegant way to pull all your decor together. With over 25 styles of chair covers in stock, we even stock chair covers with arms!

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