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Venue in Focus: Adlington Hall

Throughout our years of providing wedding chair covers, we have had the fortune to visit many wonderful venues all over the North West. We thought that this was a great opportunity, therefore, to share our knowledge of these venues with you so that you were more informed when it came to planning your own wedding. So, in this article, we are going to take a look at Adlington Hall.

Adlington Hall is a Grade 1 listed country house near Adlington in Cheshire. It is a beautiful building that was constructed in about 1480, with some changes being made to it in 1581, which has led to it being a slight mix of architectural styles on site. However, the magnificent Great Hall, where many weddings take place, is medieval in style with a hammer-beam roof which is decorated with carved angels. There are also many murals in the Great Hall which give it a real wow factor, and the addition in the 17th century of a Renaissance organ really adds to the heritage feel of the place. If any of your guests are music fans, then they might like to know that the composer Handel was a friend of the Legh family (who own Adlington Hall) and he was believed to have played the organ here at least once.

Candelabra Hire Table Centrepiece at Adlington Hall Wedding Venue Stylists

The other option you can choose for your reception at Adlington Hall is the Hunting Lodge (which has recently been refurbished). This pretty Georgian Mews building can seat up to 140 guests in its first-floor banqueting room which has bare brick walls and a beamed roof for a truly historical feel. There is also a separate elegant lounge area where you can mingle with your guests at your leisure. Overlooking the half-timbered east front of Adlington Hall, the Hunting Lodge is situated near some beautiful water and rose gardens, giving you ample opportunities for some great photographs.

Silver Candelabra with Flowers Centrepiece Hire at Adlington Hall Venue Dressing Packages

Talking of photographs, one of the many things that make Adlington Hall stand out from other venues in the North West is its stunning array of gardens. Situated within 160 acres of land, the opportunities for breathtaking photos are second to none. From the Courtyard to the Yew Tree Maze and the Water Garden, the gardens have something to offer you whatever time of year you get married. If you are getting married between April and September, you can now also choose to get married outside as well as, Adlington Hall has a licence which allows you to be married in the Courtyard area or the Rose Garden. There are also plenty of spots around where you can place a marquee if you decide you want your reception to be outdoors as well.

The team at Adlington Hall are really helpful, and will go out of their way to make your day special, so why not take a closer look at their website here.

In the meantime, if you are planning to get married at Adlington Hall, or anywhere else in the North West, and you want to talk to us about our wedding chair cover hire service or any other aspect of wedding decoration, then please get in touch today. You can call us on 0800 830 3000 (tel), 07580 333 000 (mobile) or email us at hello@thevenuestylist.com


Classic Wedding Traditions We’d Like to See Resurrected

As a company who offer wedding venue dressing as a service, including chair cover hire, wedding post box hire, and even wedding centrepiece hire, we are constantly amazed at how weddings have changed over the years. There are so many trends today that we love, such as flower walls and chivari chairs, but sometimes we like to get a little nostalgic and think about some of the old traditions that have fallen out of favour, but we would like to bring back.

Grand Exit

These days most couples head off to the after wedding party or the hotel bar when the reception ends, but we love the idea of the outfit change and heading off in a car with a big ‘Just Married” sign and some tin cans on the back of it! Make a big deal of the fact that you are heading off on your new adventure together. You can always sneak back into the party later!

Plant a Tree

Trees are traditionally thought to symbolise new beginnings, and in some European countries, couples will plant a tree outside their home after their wedding ceremony in order to bring themselves good luck.

Sixpence in the Bride’s Shoe

Everyone knows that old saying “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” but did you know that it actually continues to “and a sixpence in her shoe”?  In the past, it was traditional for the bride’s father to give her a coin to symbolise good wealth and health for the newlyweds. How cute is that idea? Not sure how easy it would be to find a sixpence these days, but I’m sure if you searched Etsy you could find a cute charm or two.

Wedding Cake Charm

Talking of charms, there is an old Southern American tradition where tiny charms attached to ribbons were placed inside the wedding cake – a bit like how we used to put coins in our Christmas puddings in the UK.  Before the happy couple cut their cake, guests are invited up to pull a ribbon, and they would then receive the lucky charm that was on end. Kind of sweet we think.

Write A Letter

In this technological age, no-one really writes anymore, do they? Most of our communication is done via text message or WhatsApp. What a lovely gesture then to sit down the night before your wedding and pen a loving letter to your other half, which is then sealed and put away to be opened on your first wedding anniversary.

Not Seeing Each Other

Many couples today have photos done together before the ceremony so that they then enjoy the rest of the day. However, this does mean that you don’t get that special moment of seeing your other half for the first time as they walk down the aisle. 

If you are just starting to plan your wedding and would like to talk to us about our event decoration hire services, then please give us a call on 0800 830 3000 (tel), 07580 333 000 (mobile) or send us an email to hello@thevenuestylist.com

Instagram-Worthy Wedding Decoration Hire

Everybody lives their lives on social media these days, and many brides now don’t think their wedding is a success unless their guests have posted a picture of their wedding venue decoration online. As a company who offer wedding decoration hire including wedding post box hire, we are well-versed in providing wedding table decorations that will send social media into overdrive! Here is our pick of the most Instagram-worthy wedding table decorations ideas we have had:

 Blossom Trees

These little pots of loveliness are a great way to bring the outside in. Popping a mini tree on every table will practically guarantee that your guests will be snapping away, and you can even incorporate them as an aisle decoration as well. Ultra-cute.

Pretty Illuminated 7ft Blossom Trees for Weddings & Events Manchester Civil Ceremony Dressing

Coming up Roses

Keeping with the floral theme, you can inject so much personality into your wedding tables with an overflowing rose centrepiece matched with little rose wreaths on each place. Blooming gorgeous.

Run Away With Me

Table runners are making a bit of a comeback, and we have plenty to choose from. From standard chiffon to lace in various colours, we have plenty to choose from, but our new sequin table runners have really captured our hearts. The way they drape across the table and add a touch of sparkle to the day is just beautiful.

Light it Up

From illuminated blossom trees to centrepiece lighting effects and fairy lights there are loads of ways to illuminate your tables in a way which will wow your guests. You can use a mix of hurricane vases and lanterns to create a beautiful glow when the lights are dimmed.

Gold Digger

One of the prettiest trends we have seen this year, which always comes across well in photographs, is luxury gold pieces on the table paired with huge green foliage-filled centrepieces. A stunning contrast.

White Out

Some people are really taking the term white wedding to the extreme and using this one colour for everything. From white table linen, through white blossom trees and white florals, this chic theme will ensure your day oozes luxury.

Hanging Around

If your venue will allow it and you are feeling brave, why not hang your flowers from the ceiling instead? Amaranths is very popular at the moment and can look stunning hung over the top table.

For more amazing wedding decoration ideas, or to inquire about our wedding post box hire service, please call us on 0800 830 3000 (tel) or 07580 333 000 (mobile). You can also drop us an email to hello@thevenuestylist.com if you prefer.

The Wedding Decoration Hire Trends for 2018 You Need to Know Now!

Believe it or not but we are already getting enquiries about wedding decoration hire for 2018. So, exciting as this means we can start looking at a whole new load of wedding trends for the next 12 months.  Timeless themes are always popular, but there are some new event decoration trends that are emerging that you can incorporate into your wedding day to make your day stand out from the rest. From new decoration trends to new floral ideas and food trends, here is The Venue Stylist round up of the 2018 wedding trends:

Smaller Guest Lists

We have noticed a trend over the last few years for weddings and events to be smaller more intimate affairs, with many couples choosing to leave relatives that they haven’t seen for years of the invitation list. This not only gives the day a lovely atmosphere as the couple are surrounded by the people they love the best, but it also means the wedding itself costs much less than normal!

Invitation Only

Although weddings are getting smaller, the invitations themselves are getting more ornate and creative. A lot of couples are shunning traditional paper invitations for more adventurous materials such as Perspex wedding invitations, wood invitations and even fabric. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and really give your guests a taste of what to expect on the big day.

Fabulous Food

Along with the ditching of big formal weddings, many couples are also ditching the traditional wedding breakfast and opting for food they love to eat, such as pizza and sharing food. Our increased love of ethnic cuisine in the UK will be reflected in Mexican, Japanese and Peruvian food appearing on more wedding menus next year.


There is a real trend towards Scandinavian design and clean lines in interiors at the moment, and this is reflected in wedding decor next year with a real move towards transparency. Couples are opting for more light-filled venues with floor to ceiling windows, and even glass houses. Transparency is creeping into decor itself, with glass printed seating plans and lots of glass details on table tops as well.

Floral Fever

In 2018, there is a trend towards focusing more on the actual vessel the flowers are in and not the flowers themselves. Brides are opting for a mix of modern and vintage vessels, with coloured glass and vintage cut glass featuring highly. With the flowers, the bolder, the better really.

Another interesting floral trend for 2018 is the introduction of wedding wreaths as a decoration whatever the season. These tend to have a bohemian feel and are created using eucalyptus, wildflowers and wispy grasses.

Whatever trend you go for, be it one of the new trends we have outlined above, or a more traditional feel, we offer the wedding decoration hire service you need. For more information, please call us on 0800 830 3000 (tel) or 07580 333 000 (mobile) or send an email enquiry to hello@thevenuestylist

The Venue Stylist Glamourous Wedding Theme Guide

Your wedding day is your time to shine and take centre stage, so make sure you have A-list day by having a red-carpet theme.  From your wedding invitations through your wedding chair covers to your wedding flowers here are our top tips for planning a glamorous wedding:


To set the tone of the day, make sure your invitations are custom calligraphed to make sure your guests are left in no doubt as to the formality of the occasion or you could even opt for boxed invitations for a real wow factor! The theme of your invitations will also help to steer the rest of your style decisions – such as whether you want to go for old school art deco glamour or a more whitewashed modern day winter style.


When it comes to a glamorous wedding venue, opulence and boldness are key. Most large hotels will have a ballroom containing ornate elements such as crown moulding which can be enhanced with our uplighters for an instantly glamorous ambience. Other glamorous locations include art galleries, grand estates and historic mansions. Outdoor weddings can be glamorous too – think stunning mountainside locations and gorgeous beachfront.


The world of wedding dresses is your oyster if you are looking for a glamorous theme. Nothing is more glamorous than a  full skirted ball gown with a beaded bodice, or go for old Hollywood glamour with a slim-fitting backless sheath.  Hair wise, you could go for long loose waves or a sweeping up do with a sparkling pin. For your groom, you can’t go wrong with a formal tuxedo, or if he is up for something different then why not suggest a velvet dinner jacket which are really on trend at the moment.

Colour Theme

To make a really bold impact, go for a monochromatic scheme – this doesn’t mean black and white but rather shades of one hue. White can look amazingly glamorous, but sultry jewel tones can also be striking. One thing to keep in mind is the current colour of your chosen venue – the last thing you want is your wedding decorations to clash with the wallpaper or carpet!


Add extra drama to your day with wedding flower  – such as English roses, Juliet garden roses and spray roses. This keeps the arrangement cohesive, but it still looks interesting. You could also intersperse your more traditional floral arrangements with some nonfloral structure such as manzanita branches or curly willow.


This is where we come in. We have a wide variety of wedding decorations for you to hire that will really pump up the glamour. From our new Chiavari Chair Hire and decoration, through our candle centrepieces and chandeliers to add a luxurious vibe and rich texture – we have everything you need to make your space glamorous and really add the wow factor.

For more information on how we can provide you with glamorous wedding chair covers and other wedding decoration hire, please call us on 0800 830 3000 (Tel), 07580 333 000 (mobile) or send us an email to hello@thevenuestylist.com

A Wedding Decoration Hire Companies Guide to Wedding Planning

If our years of providing wedding decoration hire services have taught us anything, it’s that many couples find they have to deal with unexpected issues that arise while they are planning their wedding. However large these problems seem though don’t panic, there are professionals on hand who have seen it all before and can troubleshoot the most common problems quickly – and so in the spirit of saving you as much stress as possible we have rounded up some great tips that may help:

Paper Ceiling Lanterns for Weddings in Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire hanging lantern hire

Find Trustworthy Suppliers

Being let down at the last minute by your photographer or wedding decoration hire company can be a nightmare, but it can be quite difficult to ensure this doesn’t happen. It is easy enough to find lists of suppliers online, but once you have found one you like the look of, what should your next step be?

Well, the first thing you should do is take a look at their website to see how it makes you feel and whether it is professional looking or not. Do they feature images of real weddings they have worked on in the past, and is their work featured in any magazines or blogs?

If you like what you see then get in touch with the supplier and ask them any questions you have, and see if they will give you references from brides they have worked with in the past. Good suppliers will go out of their way to allay your fears and help you in any way they can. Don’t discount suppliers who are new though, as everyone has to start somewhere, and their price will probably reflect their lack of experience.

Stick To Your Budget

The first step of planning should always be to have a well-written budget

– the more detailed it is, the easier it should be to stick to.  The key things to consider when you are writing your budget are:

Set a max figure (and then take away 5% to keep as a contingency)

Break down your budget into categories e.g. flowers, then sub-categories e.g. bouquets, table decorations. The more detailed you are, the more accurate your budget will be.

Set your top three priorities, e.g., photography, a band and free drinks for guests. Take your time over this as it will affect your entire wedding planning – once you have decided on these three items, then you can work the rest of the budget around them.

If you do end up going over budget, then dig our your list and remind yourself of your top three priorities in order to get yourself back on track and decided in which areas you can reduce your budget. We try and help in this regard by offering various packages that can be adjusted to any numbers.

Make Sure Your Guest List Size Matches Your Venue Size

The last thing you want is to find your dream venue and then realise it won’t hold all the people you want to invite. This is where you need to get really tough and have an A list and B list – the A list is the people who must be there, and the B list is the people who are not on the A-list! This sounds difficult to do, but just think about:

Do you need to invite people you have never met, i.e. plus ones?

Can you move people from all day guests to just evening guests?

Do you want to invite children or not?

Don’t forget as well there will no doubt be some people who RSVP to say they cannot make it, so you will be able to shift some people from the B list to the A list. On this note, make sure you keep a few blank invitations to hand.

Hopefully, though you won’t face any of these issues. We can at least ensure that you have no problems with your wedding decoration hire, so please give us a call on 0800 830 3000 or send us an email to hello@thevenuestylist.com for more information.

Why Is Wedding Decoration Hire Right For You?

Wedding Decoration Hire Can Be Beneficial To You.

Being a company that specialises in wedding decoration hire, we often spot questions on wedding websites and social media where brides are querying how much chair cover hire or table centrepieces cost. The amount of questions that are asked makes it quite clear to us that there is a lot of confusion amongst brides and grooms about what things cost and what services are provided as part of wedding venue styling services when it comes to wedding events. Obviously, if you are on a budget you may want to diy, but there are advantages of getting a professional to plan events for you. Having planned wedding and parties for many years, we are more than aware of how much it costs to plan your wedding day, and can show you lots of ways that you can save both time and money.

What Do Venue Stylists Do?

I guess the most common question that people ask is – what does a wedding venue dresser do? Well, what we do is run around making sure that we decorate your chosen wedding venue in a way that looks amazing while you sit back and relax knowing that everything is all in hand. We take away any stress about wedding decoration and table settings on your big day because knowing that you have professionals to help with every aspect of the decorations you have hired will take a large weight off your shoulders. So, in what ways can a wedding venue stylist help? Well, once you have made initial contact with us we will invite you in for a consultation so that we can spend some time getting to know you, what you like and dislike, and what expectations you have for your special day. We can then chat through any ideas you have, set a firm budget, talk about potential designs, answer any questions you may have, make some suggestions and generally offer you lots of expert help and advice. This is a great way for us to gather all the information we need to get a really good understanding of what you want your wedding or event to be like, and what look and feel you are aiming for.

Balloon Arch with Flowers for Christening baby shower Manchester birthday party balloon arch cheshire pinterest balloon ideas

Once you have finalised your booking with us, then the real work starts! We will stay in touch with you in the months leading up to your wedding, making sure you are happy with everything and know everything that is happening. In the days leading up to your wedding we will be hard at work prepping your table linen, sashes and swags, table centrepieces and so on. Once the big day arrives, the Venue Stylist team will arrive at the wedding venue in plenty of time in order to start the job of styling your venue.  We check everything many times during the day to make sure it is all looking perfect for your arrival. Once your wedding is over, we will then contact you to ensure that you were happy with everything as giving excellent customer service is very important to us.

Wedding Decoration Hire Can Save You Time

So, what are the advantages of wedding decoration hire for you? Well, the main benefit is that you are not just hiring the decorations and then setting them up yourself, you are also hiring someone to do the hard work and make everything look perfect for you. And this covers not only the hard work on the day, but also the planning, communication and scheduling in the run up to your big event as well.  It can be quite easy to forget about the time involved when you are pricing up decoration hire for your wedding which can sometimes make it seem more expensive than it really is. We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to making sure your venue looks just the way to want you too – so it is important to remember that it is not just the hire of the products you are paying for, but our skills, experience and service as well.

Room Uplighter Hire Manchester and Cheshire Fairy Light Canopy Birdcage Hire Mood Lighting Venue Dresser

We know from experience that there are many companies out there offering chair cover hire at prices as low as £1 per chair – and this can seem very appealing. However, we also know that these prices often seem better than they actually are, as they don’t cover the cost of materials never mind the travel costs and setting up time involved. This generally means that something has to give – so either the quality or the service will be compromised. Having done some research of our own, we can say that if you opt for cheap chair cover hire, you will probably get dirty, ripped chair covers with stained sashes – and who wants that on their big day? This will never happen with our service, as we check all our chair covers ourselves before they go out, to ensure they immaculate and that the sashes are ironed to perfection.

We know that everyone loves a bargain, but when it comes to your wedding it is important to remember that you get what you pay for! Don’t compromise on service and good quality goods in order to save money as you will regret it if things go wrong. Put your trust in the services of The Venue Stylist and you won’t regret it.

Wedding Decoration Hire Can Save You Money As Well

Something else that people tend not to think about when considering wedding decoration hire is that we can actually save you money as well as time. Think about it this way  – to buy chair covers, sashes and table centrepieces yourself can cost you a small fortune and then you are stuck with the hassle of selling it on afterwards. We have many different wedding decorations in stock that we have purchased ourselves, and so you get to use them for the day at a fraction of what they would cost to buy. We only ever buy high quality items as well, as not only do they look better and fit better,  but they also wash better and therefore tend to last longer. We also take away the hassle of you having to clean the items and store them or sell them on afterwards. Once your wedding is over you don’t have to think about your wedding decorations again – we take care of everything for you.

Paper Ceiling Lanterns for Weddings in Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire hanging lantern hire

So, to sum up, hiring the expertise of The Venue Stylist will not only save you time but money as well as our years of experience planning and styling events and weddings. We keep on top of what the current trends are and can therefore give you the best advice on the themes, colours, lighting  and flowers that may best be suited to your venue and that are within your budget – and that will wow your guests.

If you need any help with wedding venue decoration or decoration hire then please get in touch with us today by calling the office on 0800 830 3000  or our mobile 07580 333 000. You can also send us an email to hello@thevenuestylist.com