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Classic Wedding Traditions We’d Like to See Resurrected

As a company who offer wedding venue dressing as a service, including chair cover hire, wedding post box hire, and even wedding centrepiece hire, we are constantly amazed at how weddings have changed over the years. There are so many trends today that we love, such as flower walls and chivari chairs, but sometimes we like to get a little nostalgic and think about some of the old traditions that have fallen out of favour, but we would like to bring back.

Grand Exit

These days most couples head off to the after wedding party or the hotel bar when the reception ends, but we love the idea of the outfit change and heading off in a car with a big ‘Just Married” sign and some tin cans on the back of it! Make a big deal of the fact that you are heading off on your new adventure together. You can always sneak back into the party later!

Plant a Tree

Trees are traditionally thought to symbolise new beginnings, and in some European countries, couples will plant a tree outside their home after their wedding ceremony in order to bring themselves good luck.

Sixpence in the Bride’s Shoe

Everyone knows that old saying “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” but did you know that it actually continues to “and a sixpence in her shoe”?  In the past, it was traditional for the bride’s father to give her a coin to symbolise good wealth and health for the newlyweds. How cute is that idea? Not sure how easy it would be to find a sixpence these days, but I’m sure if you searched Etsy you could find a cute charm or two.

Wedding Cake Charm

Talking of charms, there is an old Southern American tradition where tiny charms attached to ribbons were placed inside the wedding cake – a bit like how we used to put coins in our Christmas puddings in the UK.  Before the happy couple cut their cake, guests are invited up to pull a ribbon, and they would then receive the lucky charm that was on end. Kind of sweet we think.

Write A Letter

In this technological age, no-one really writes anymore, do they? Most of our communication is done via text message or WhatsApp. What a lovely gesture then to sit down the night before your wedding and pen a loving letter to your other half, which is then sealed and put away to be opened on your first wedding anniversary.

Not Seeing Each Other

Many couples today have photos done together before the ceremony so that they then enjoy the rest of the day. However, this does mean that you don’t get that special moment of seeing your other half for the first time as they walk down the aisle. 

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